Transitions: Where I’ve been and where I’m going.

For those who follow this blog, though, I thought a short update was overdue.

Silence can be a confusing thing. For the past couple of months, I’ve been working on a series of projects —both short and long term— that have divided (i.e. devoured) my time. For those who follow this blog, though, I thought a short update was long overdue.

In July, I began work on a stand-alone Tumblr page (sacrilege, I know —vis a vis WordPress) featuring the latest and most interesting material on PTSD. As a theme, topic, condition, and quiet threat to the American medical system, PTSD  continues to interest me. I can only hope that through the incredible work and reporting being done on this topic it will soon interest a far greater audience, too. While the site is still in its infancy (and not yet public), I hope it will serve as a repository for interesting revelations, stories and —over time— commentary.

In August, I started writing about foreign affairs / international politics for a group called “War is Boring.” The project, originally a standalone site covering all manner of war and peace, is now an experimental collection on Medium, a new publishing platform brought to you by the brains that created Twitter. My posts —ranging from the UN’s responsibility in Syria to the brewing crisis in the Central African Republic— are very much in keeping with previous work posted on this blog.

In September, I traveled to the American south to begin a long-form investigation for Al Jazeera America. While the details of this project are best kept vague (I expect publication soon) an interesting series of events may make this story worthy of continued focus. While I’m not sure what form that will take, there are many more rocks to overturn. Just how and when, however, is still unknown.

This month, I signed on as a contributor for Offiziere, a Switzerland-based foreign affairs website. Over the next couple of months, I’ll be contributing English-language reporting on the situation in Afghanistan as well the so-called “Shadow Wars” currently underway across the globe. Those familiar with my background can expect a particular focus on the African continent —given the events in recent weeks, I believe this will be fertile ground for critical news and analysis.

Later this month, however, this blog will be on the move —with me— overseas. I’ll be (temporarily) relocating to West Africa to report on a number of stories from the littoral states. While many of the specifics are yet to be finalized, the trip will allow significant access to material chronically under-covered in traditional media circles. As these stories emerge, I’ll share them here.

Finally, for those who have subscribed (or those that simply stumbled across this page) I want to thank you for reading. The Internet is a busy place and the fact that you’re here makes what I do worthwhile. So please, check back, follow, and —please— leave questions and comments. After all, if we don’t talk about what matters, who will?

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