Recent Work:

**Adam McCauley frequently writes on a range of international affairs issues at Beacon Reader. You can subscribe here.**

‘Throw Me in Jail for the Best Reasons’: Artistic Defiance in Hong Kong After the Umbrella Revolution. Published by Time Magazine

The Sahel Sang Back. Published by The Los Angeles Review of Books

What Orwell can still teach journalists about saying exactly what they mean. Published by the BBC

Volunteers Burn Nepal’s Unclaimed Bodies as Death Toll Rises. Published by Time Magazine

Americans Stranded in Nepal Mountains for 5 Days Tell Their Story of Survival. [Exclusive] Published by Time Magazine

Nepal Earthquake: Teenager Rescued After Five Days Trapped in Rubble. Published by Time Magazine

Meet the American First Responders on the Ground in Nepal. Published by Time Magazine

Aid Has Yet to Reach Earthquake-Stricken Villages Just 2 Hours From Nepal’s Capital. Published by Time Magazine

Kathmandu Airport Shelters the Stranded as Rescue Teams Fly In. Published by Time Magazine

Fading Foliage. Published by Beacon Reader

Prisoners of Peace. Published by TIME Magazine

Batman in Hong Kong. Published by Beacon Reader

How a pro-democracy protest has kept thousands on Hong Kong’s streets. Published by Al Jazeera America

The World’s Most Dangerous Waters. [International Feature/Multimedia Project] Published by TIME Magazine

Beijing presses pause on Hong Kong’s democratic future. Published by Beacon Reader

The Tiananmen Massacre: 25 Years Later, Three Students Tell What They Saw. Published by TIME Magazine

China obstructs Google before Tiananmen date. Published on Al Jazeera English

Tiananmen museum revives ghosts of a massacre. Published on Al Jazeera English

Tennessee horse country tries to fight off allegations of abuse. Published on Al Jazeera America

How does the Syrian Civil War End? Published on War is Boring (Medium).

Putin’s Plea. Published on War is Boring (Medium).

Obama’s Secret Weapon. Published on War is Boring (Medium).

Missives From a Forgotten Country. Published on War is Boring (Medium).

The Changing Winds for Central Park Boaters. Published in Wall Street Journal (Greater New York)

The Lingering Light of Childhood: Doug Dubois’ Ireland. Published on Time LightBox

The Art of Aggregation: Angelo Musco’s Bodyscapes. Published on Time LightBox

Forgotten Spaces: Jon Tonks’ Search for Empire. Published on Time LightBox

Jim Naughten: Conflict and Costume in Namibia. Published on Time LightBox

Nadav Kander Rediscovers the Nude. Published on Time LightBox

A Journey in the Human and Animal World. Published on Time LightBox

Real Photographer, Fake War. Published on Time LightBox

The Story Behind the Iconic Photograph from Sandy Hook. Published by TIME LightBox

Overexposed: A Photographer’s War with PTSD. Published in The Atlantic.

Unfiltered: Photographers React to Instagram’s New Terms. Published by TIME LightBox

The hidden world of mixed martial arts. Taking Shots in the Ring. Published in The New York Times/Lens Blog.

Analog photography strikes back. The Impossible Project’s new 8×10. Published in The New York Times/Lens Blog.

Broken: Haiti at the Crossroads. (Essay and Photographs). Published by The Canadian International Council

I Speak for the Teas: Can two young entrepreneurs save an Ecuadorean indigenous community with a rare tea? Cover story for The Santa Fe Reporter.

Football’s Lost Boys. Full page spread in The New York Times/Lens Blog.

Vietnamese-born, American Photographer Binh Danh. Published in New York Times Lens Blog

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